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Sent by Alaa Farag on Wednesday, 2 July 2008:

Job description

  • Knowledge of design methodology (ERD & DFD, UML) is a must.
  • Experience in developing Business Solutions and Flashes is a plus.
  • Experience in developing desktop and web applications.
  • Experience in Microsoft SQL Server development.
  • Experience in object oriented programming techniques; knowledge of C Sharp and .NET Framework.
  • Knowledge of MS Project (or similar programs) is a plus.


Knowledge of the following tools:

  • Visual Studio .NET 2005

  • .NET Framework

  • ASP .NET

  • SQL Server

  • C#

The following is a plus:

  • Flash

  • Crystal Reports.

  • PHP

  • Working in Business Applications

  • Working in E-Learning Applications

He must be graduated from one of the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Computer engineering department

  • Faculty of Engineering, Communication department

  • Faculty of Engineering, Medical engineering department

  • Faculty of Computer and information

  • Faculty of Science, Computer department.

  • AUC, Computer science.

Monthly compensation: Subject to Qualification
Location: Giza, Egypt
Working hours:  8:30 to 5 pm
Days Off: Friday and Saturday
Mailing Address:



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