Software Test Engineer @ Mentor Graphics – Calibre-LFD-QA

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Sent by Mostafa Nabil on 2 August 2008

Job Qualifications

  • Job Qualifications Technical degree (minimum BS) in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering or equivalent is required.
  • Working knowledge in Unix/Linux operating system environments required.
  • Knowledge of software quality assurance processes and experience with maintaining regression test suites is highly desirable.
  • The qualified candidate should have a good knowledge and experience with IC physical design, layout, and verification tools; and IC manufacturing process flows.
  • Knowledge of C/C++, shell scripting, and interpreted software languages (Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python) are important skills required to be effective in this job.
  • The candidate must have good written and verbal communication skills; be self-motivated and able to work independently; and be able to thrive and improve in a multifaceted multi-site fast-paced development environment.

Job Duties

Job Requirements

  • The individual will be responsible for the qualification of the Design to Silicon Division’s LFD (Litho Friendly Design) products. These products facilitate our customer’s design process by providing feedback on how critical feature decisions can be made to increase chip yield and speed. Using the capabilities of the Calibre physical verification engine and its reticule enhancement technologies (RET), these products move the usage of foundry recommended rules forward in the design flow by providing an extensive decision support system to reduce chip design cycle times.
  • These products bridge the gap between a design’s logical and physical representation on the mask allowing the designer to respond constructively to failure analysis information provided by the manufacturing fab. The individual will be responsible for the design, development, and execution of application specific functional and regression tests used to measure the quality, robustness, performance, supportability, and usefulness of these products in our customer’s semiconductor manufacturing flows.
  • The individual will work closely with the software application developers and the product marketing team to help deliver timely product releases that effectively meet our customer’s needs. The individual will be responsible for the development and maintenance of a product test environment that supports both quality assurance testing of releases, patches, and beta program builds; and assists development engineering in design trade-offs and risk analysis assessment, and in early defect detection in the product development environment.

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