Using WCF in .NET Compact Framework (IM application)

My experience in mobile applications isn’t great, and in WCF I just know what is WCF, but this is what I know:

  • WCF is an API (framework) for producing/consuming web services.
  • .NET Compact Framework (aka .NETCF) is an API for mobile phones running Windows Mobile or Windows CE.

According to the question and what I understood:
You can reuse the WCF part of the project (service producer and consumer parts) inside your new GUI for mobiles. This is NOT a conversion, because WCF doesn’t have GUI components, it is only for communication, and you’ll use the .NET Compact Framework to develop the application for mobiles. But note that a subset of WCF is supported in the .NET Compact Framework [see 1, 2], and there are differences with the implementation [3].


  1. The WCF subset supported by NetCF
  2. Supported Classes in the .NET Compact Framework
  3. Messaging in the .NET Compact Framework – Differences with the Desktop Implementation

See also:

  1. Write an IM App with the .NET Compact Framework
  2. How to: Find Supported Members of the .NET Compact Framework in the Class Library
  3. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Development and the .NET Compact Framework
  4. Windows Communication Foundation (Compact Edition) and the story of the Lunch Launcher
  5. Peer Channel Samples
  6. Peer To Peer – Harness The Power Of P2P Communication In Windows Vista And WCF

Hope this helps, and good luck.


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