Software Developer @ ALZWAD

Sent by Moustafa Nabil ( on 14 July 2009.

Do you like programming?
Have you found it an interested and enjoyable job?
Does designing and writing a program attract you very much?
Do you like to work in  very strong organization in business side, where you programming skills will  reach millions of users?
Do you like to work in environment which gives you space to create and your ideas meet a lot of interest.
ALZWAD is fast growing company in firm of Mobile Application.
We currently develop  a changeling and large mobile system. It is a ODP (On device portal )
A system which enables you to read news, download latest clips and songs, download games , do chatting and even more….


  1. Interested in programming.
  2. Like problem solving and find it challenging.
  3. Willing to learn new and different technologies.
  4. Very good IT world awareness.
  5. Good knowledge of C#
  6. Knowledge of Java language is a plus.
  7. Knowledge of Java ME is a plus.

We  work in El Mohandsean,  Median Mustafa Muhammad  – Cilantro building.
Interested people, please send your CV to

Juniors are preferred.


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