IBM Summer Camps – 2018

Do you want to be part of IBM Skills Academy Summer Camps and get an IBM Badge (Certificate)?

Come and join our summer boot camps at IBM. Here is the schedule:

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst – From  8-Jul-2018 to 12-Jul-2018
  2. Business Process Developer – From 15-Jul-2018 to 19-Jul-2018
  3. Predictive Analytics Modeler – From 29-Jul-2018 to 2-Aug-2018
  4. Blockchain – From 12-Aug-2018 to 16-Aug-2018
  5. Artificial Intelligence Analyst – From 19-Aug-2018 to 23-Aug-2018
  6. Cloud Application Developer – From 26-Aug-2018 to 30-Aug-2018

120px-dialog-warning-svgPlease read the course overview (prerequisite skills, hardware requirements, topics that you will learn, … etc.) BEFORE registering in any of these courses:

  1. Go to the IBM Skills Academy portal
  2. Click Careers
  3. Scroll down until you find the required career
  4. Click Read more
  5. Click Course Information

The duration of each training course is 5 days from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily.
All trainees will be granted access to the IBM Skills Academy portal before the training starts, where they can access the pre-requisites, training material, hands-on exercises and practice test. Trainees will also get an IBM Badge after passing the certification exam.

If you are interested to attend any of the above courses, please register using the following link:

Seats for the Summer camps are limited. IBM will send confirmation emails to the students who have been selected to attend. Selection will be on First Come First Serve basis. Note that you CANNOT attend any training unless you get a confirmation mail for that specific training.

For attending IBM Summer Camps you need to bring:

  1. Your National ID (بطاقة الرقم القومي). You will not be able to enter IBM without the National ID; university IDs or any other IDs will not be accepted.
  2. Your own laptop.

IBM  Address: 
Pyramids Heights Office Park, Kilo 22 Cairo Alex road Building C10

IBM Location on google maps.

Please note that there are NO buses.

Going to IBM (Pyramids Heights branch):

From Ramsis or Tahrir Square: take the 6 October buses to the Mehwar Bus Stop, then take a microbus to Hazem Hassan, then ask about IBM building.

Please feel free to share this invitation to any student or fresh graduate who might be interested.


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19 Responses to IBM Summer Camps – 2018

  1. Mahmoud says:

    Can i apply for more than one career?

  2. Mina Folly Malki Abeed says:


  3. Hamed says:

    ما هو موعد الدورة التدريبية وكيف نتأكد اننا مقبولين

    • المواعيد مكتوبة في المنشور.. ومكتوب أنه سوف يصلك إيميل يؤكد تسجيلك في الكورس في حالة قبولك (بعد فحص الطلبات، بعد إغلاق استمارة التقديم)

  4. Moamen Nabil says:

    هل ممكن حد مش كلية حاسبات بس مهتم بالمجال يقدم و يجي يحضر؟

    • ممكن، بشرط يطلع على المعلومات عن الكورس ومحتواه والمهارات المطلوبة له، ولما يتقبل إن شاء الله يبقى يذاكر الكورسين التمهيديين بتوعه قبل ما ييجي

  5. Mahmoud samy says:

    I want this trainer

  6. Mahmoud samy says:

    Iwant to subscribe to this this ibm summer camps

  7. kareem says:

    هو امتى هيغلق معاد التقديم ويبعتوا الاميلات وانا حاليا فى اولى حاسبات هل ممن اتقبل ؟

    • يغلق ميعاد التقديم عندما تغلق الاستمارة.
      لكل كورس شروط ومهارات مطلوبة قبل التسجيل، لا بد أن تطلع عليها. اقرأ القطعة المكتوبة بجوار علامة التعجب.

  8. Mahmoud Samy says:

    عايز اشترك

  9. Mohamed says:

    When will the accepted applications be contacted?

  10. Khadiga says:

    Is applying for the courses closed?
    Thanks in advance

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